Kenneth S. from Pennsylvania

February 23, 2014
Purchased the Shoei GT Air helmet to replace a Shoei Qwest helmet. Noticed a lot of the online reviews had complaints about the sizing being different than other Shoei's. I still have my Shoei RF 1100, size large - my Shoei Qwest was a large also. The Shoei GT Air, size large, has the same fit as the other two helmets with the exception of being a little tighter at the base of the helmet - in other words, slightly more friction when sliding the helmet down over your head. (I have a Shoei Head) Padding feels slightly thicker around my ears but I can still easily wear glasses. The helmet is definitely quieter than the RF 1100. The sunshield is great ... the helmet has a pinlock shield, but also comes with the pinlock insert (clear). I can't comment on air flow since we don't have warm weather in PA yet. Definitely recommend the helmet and Motorcycle Gear!!!
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