Javier L. from California

July 17, 2013
This is for the Scorpion Magnum Leather Gloves Size Small. I bought these because they had them on their "Almostfree" deal and it was too good to pass up. I made sure to check out reviews everywhere to see the quality and sizing info before I made the purchase. From the pictures I thought they were going to be quite bulky and tough. When they arrived I was surprised to find that they were actually pretty light and not bulky at all. They are a bit uncomfortable on my 2 outer fingers when I make a fist, but I suspect they will loosen with further use; this was the case on my right hand only. The thumb area is a little bigger than my thumb (both hands). I was able to move all my fingers with ease and it was not restricting my movements. The gloves still fit well with the Tour Master Silk Glove Liners on, but obviously it will be a little snugger in the finger areas. Overall I believe these gloves have good protection for the average person and are pretty comfortable besides the issue I noted above.

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