Eric R. from Tennessee

April 16, 2013
Absolutely love these gloves, and they are everything I wanted. When you live in a place where summers can be quite warm and forecasts include the term "heat index", some bikers choose to lose the gear in favor of comfort in the stifling heat. My mantra is "if it's too hot for gear, it's too hot to ride." So I was looking for a glove where my hands felt protected, but still light enough to be comfortable. These definitely fit the bill. These are light, material allows the breeze through without feeling thin, and the palms are reinforced so you feel like you're wearing a motorcycle glove and not just "making do". Sounds cheesy, but sometimes I kinda forget that I have gloves on. If you're looking for super duper kevlar with fiberglass reinforcement on the knuckles...these aren't it. But if you ride in warm/humid summers and want comfortable & cool hand protection, you can't go wrong with these!

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