Shawn P from NE Okla

December 29, 2011
Just received my new Shoei Qwest (no picture yet)... Fit is snug, but not uncomfortable. Went for a 'spirited' 90 minute ride and had no issues. Ventilation felt reasonable; noise level was low enough that I didn't have the urge to wear ear plugs (I usually do). Looking side to side didn't result in the helmet jerking my head or buffeting - the darn thing is rock solid! Visor stayed in place when raised at sub 60mph speeds, so that will be nice for the summer months. Cheeks are a bit too tight. I am going to wait a bit to see if they 'relax'. If not I will order some different cheek pads. It is to soon to claim this to the best helmet ever, but it is looking promising! One last thing. I'd like to recognize the fantastic customer service from the folks at - I was getting answers to emails late Friday night and on Saturdays. This is my 1st stop for anything motorcycle related...
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