Andy K. from Colorado

June 25, 2011
The Alpinestars socks are a bit pricey, but seem very well-made and worth the money on a long ride. Note: The packaging says "mid-calf length", but as you can see from my picture, they actually go all the way up to the knee. (I wear a size 9-9.5 shoe and thus ordered the larger size sock.) The Cortech GX Air 2 jacket (not pictured) is absolutely fantastic! I've been resisting mesh gear in favor of leather up until now, but the strategically placed leather panels on this model finally won me over. With a full mesh jacket, a good liner is a must around here; this two-stage liner seems very substantial and makes me confident that I won't freeze my butt off even if I don't make it home from a ride until after dark. (It gets cool at night in CO year-round, especially in the mountains.) Oh, and did I mention I got this for a killer price from! You guys rock!!

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