Joshua D. from Indiana

April 29, 2011
Fieldsheer Ranger gloves are VERY well made, with excellent velcro and seams. They are NOT designed for overly large knuckles. The knuckle guards amy become uncomfortable if worn for LONG periods of time. The gel inserts are on the heel of the hand, and have no purpose. They do not make contact with any part of the grip. Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Pants are excellent overpants. They are comfortable at nearly all temperature ranges, and only become inadequate at temps below 35 or above 100. They do not have any shape to them, so if you have a bum or a gut they may fit you oddly. I have a bum, so they are loose at my back and over-tight at my stomach, but all my pants fit me that way. When treated with water repellent, the pants are VERY water resistant without the rain liner.

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