Adam from Chicago

April 27, 2011
I was looking for a pair of waterproof boots for street riding and came across these. I particularly liked them for a couple of reasons, the first being that the panel in the front covers the laces so less water gets trapped inside compared to other waterproof designs. Second, they are quick to put on and take off: they have an adjustable piece of elastic instead of regular laces and two buckled straps in front. It takes significantly less time to wear these as opposed to my regular work boots since I don't have to tighten, hook, and tie laces. Beyond that they are a tough, well-made pair of boots that fit exactly as expected, and comfortably so. Even before being broken in, they're not too stiff or tall that they hinder normal walking. I had an issue with the first pair that MotorcycleGear was quick to solve. Thanks again, guys, for the great products and great customer service!
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