Adam from Chicago

February 27, 2011
I acquired a few different items this time around. The Tourmaster gloves really surprised me; I thought they'd be a pair of basic leather gloves with decent knuckle-only protection, but they are very nicely constructed and fit perfectly right away. The knee guards are pretty much as described, with a secure fit via their many straps but do not allow you to extend your legs fully. Only the larger of the two sizes was available, and I don't have thick legs, so they are a bit too big (the velcro straps go around all the way with the ends sticking out) but should still work and seem to provide more coverage than other knee protectors. Finally, the safeTkick is the most interesting product I've purchased in a long time. It is of course as described on the product page, but I wanted to mention that the base material is a dense but lightweight, inflexible foam-like substance (described as rubber), and is about 20mm high; the dimensions are listed on the product page however it doesn't really become apparent until you view the item in-person. It will raise the lean angle of your bike while on its side-stand, for better or worse, so just keep that in mind.
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