Richard L. from Illinois

September 16, 2010
I loved my Chicane jacket. It was great for those fall and early spring rides, and 2nd to none in the rain. The ventilation was not enough for summer. Having the built-in CE Protection all around was a bonus. Unfortunately I had some premature wear on the jacket, but NewEnough took care of me once again! The DTP jacket is my winter jacket. It's a full leather, and was a bit stiff, as I was used to mesh and textile only beforehand. After a couple of uses it broke in very nicely. I took a sharpie to the white lettering and now it looks all stealth, and I like it a lot. The venting is good if it suddenly warms up a touch, but I really don't recommend it in the warmer (70*f and up) temperatures. Both jackets were a phenomenal value.
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