L. T. from New Mexico

June 2, 2009
The Barracuda jacket is stuck in the 80's. The jacket fits well but the shoulders are straight from the old TV show Dynasty. I get a disappointed head shake from the man just about every time I wear it. I never see myself so I intermittently convince myself that it looks o.k. After all, all I see is the distressed leather on my arms and it looks good. I tried taking photos of myself in the gear but it didn't work out (blurry). I do love the Teknic Daytona jacket and the pants that I got. The pants have lots of pockets and that has come in handy on numerous occasions (i.e. keeps a micro cloth to wipe the visor when it rains). New Enough was very good about exchanging the jacket, because it had significant discolorations on it. This was after I had the jacket for a month trying to suck it up and not complain. I called them because they had recently obtained the color I had originally wanted and I mentioned the problem with the other jacket. They said that I could exchange. After having lousy dealings with another, overseas, company whose heated vest stopped working after a few uses, I was surprised at their offer to exchange. Thank you New Enough. I use the scorpion aero skirt in a, not for intended use, KBC helmet and it really helped a lot with the winter cold. It would occasionally start to slip out but I did not mind.
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