Brian J. from Ohio

January 29, 2022
The Rev'it Seesoft back protector RV 05 is self explanatory. It is a level 2 back protector, which absolutely does its job. I have installed it here in my Rev'it Tracer Air Overshirt. I have yet to wear this overshirt, but I have the same back protector installed in my other Rev'it Jackets (Vaughn, Sherwood Air and Cordite). I tend to buy the recommended back protector for each jacket. I know that it would be much more cost effective to just have one back protector and just it out depending on which Rev'it Jacket I am wearing that day, but I just like to go to the rack, pick out a jacket and ride. My second job supports my gear addiction. Otherwise, my wife would divorce me. I am the same way about wiping down my bikes and making sure that they are filled up with gas after each ride. That way, if someone says "Can you be there in 30 minutes?", my answer is almost always yes, after a quick T-CLOCS Check. Sincerely, Brian J

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