bill n. from Alaska

June 1, 2020
JUST THE BEST BIG STEP UP. Everything WORKS! The fit is totally adjustable with cheek pads. The wind shield visor is Race Ready,it stays where you put it. European ECE 2205 DOT Certs The drop down visor somehow works in low light too! Crystal clear shield vision,pin lock no fog,lotsa wind control face,chin,top of crown. Very quiet,nimble in the wind. You may forget you are wearing a carbon fiber modular helmet,it IS that comfortable. Bought larger cheek pads to snug up the pull on/off feeling. IT DOES NOT PUSH DOWN ON PRESCRIPTION GLASSES...THAT IS A FIRST. Once,an Air Force Jet mechanic recommended carbon fiber over fiberglass/poly resin. "NO QUESTION"! What is on your head?

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