Ton N. from California

November 11, 2016
LOL, They shipped my helmet in a box to protect the box that the helmet comes in. Just in case the box that comes with the helmet gets cosmetically damaged, there is an extra layer of box for protection. Makes sense though, don't want USPS leaving something worth $400 in plain sight. Overall, very happy. Good helmet, RPHA 11 Pro is a serious bargain. Comes with tinted visor AND pin lock system, and extra visors are about $50. HJC is really giving the Shoei RF-1200 a run for its money. I really, really like the slimmer profile of the HJC. Photo shows my old NiTek vs the new HJC. My only complaint is the raised silver HJC logo. I like the subtle raised "R" better on the RPHA 10. But deal this good you can't really complain too much.

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