Greg C. from California

September 15, 2013
As usual, great customer service and prices. Now for the helmet...This helmet is pretty awesome. I own a shoei rf-1000($400), bell star contra($500), suomy apex($240), scorpion exo-700($150). This helmet is the most comfortable of all my helmets. The venting is really good. I'd say as good as the bell star if not better. It is pretty light at 3.6 lbs(size m). The bell star(size s) is 3.4 lbs, so the fg-17 is slightly heavier. The fg-17 is also the quietest. The smoked visor and pinlock insert are really good. I can't believe the quality of this helmet for $189.00. I am really stoked and love this helmet. I tested the helmet up to 130mph and it was very stable. I have only 2 very minor moans which aren't really worth mentioning. The shell size is slightly larger than my other helmets and the visor doesn't want to stay open while riding, unless it is all the way up. I would definitely recommend this helmet.

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