Chris H. from Delaware

July 22, 2013
This is my second pair of the Tour Master Deerskin gloves. The first pair lasted 7 years of HARD use in mostly year-round riding for touring, commuting and pleasure riding. They're soft and supple, thick enough to protect while still providing a good feel on the controls. They break in to your hand size nicely, and pretty quickly. I found that with hand guards and heated grips, I use these gloves through most of the Winter. They're also perforated for summer use. Even though the dye will bleed a little bit (when newish) from sweat on the hottest days, they're still perfectly comfortable for all-summer use. Plus... they're made from deer, and all deer should be used for sausage and gloves. Do your part to rid the roads of these vermin. :-) Seriously, great, no-nonsense glove at a very fair price.
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