Richard W. from Texas

October 28, 2013
LAPTOP BAG: This is a convenient briefcase for day-to-day use. I can fit my laptop (15.6") in the file pocket, but it's just slightly too big for the laptop pocket. But that hardly makes a difference because I can put files in the laptop pocket. It secures tightly to my sissy bar with the Full-Nelson system and even without the safety straps I've gone down the freeway without losing it. This bag is solidly built and I fully expect to buy another Nelson Rigg bag again in the future (next bag will be a full-size sissy bar bag). HI-DEF SHIELD: The Orange HD shield balances sun protection against visibility. While not ideal for night riding, if I'm late to leave work I'm not SOL either. The orange tint is also just nice to look through! The world looks just a little bit warmer. Highly recommended! GLOVE LINER: These fit well and are comfortable. They add some smoothness to my leather gloves and a touch of warmth to my fingerless mechanix gloves. However, when wearing them with the fingerless gloves they kept getting stuck to velcro surfaces which would pull fibers out.

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