Joseph M. from Colorado

August 12, 2011
I purchased the Nelson Rigg CL-850 bags in order to give a $100 bag a shot before I purchased the $1200 Ducati hard bags for my Multistrada. The over all quality of the bag is great. All of the buckles clip with a nice firm "click" and the Velcro is very tough and is not coming loose anytime soon. The bags are massive and I fit clothes for 15 days, tools, sandals, maps, and a few other odds and end stuff without issue. The rain covers really do work as I rode for about 250 miles in a down pour and all my stuff stayed nice and dry. Over all I am very happy with these bags and have actually decided to not purchase the hard Ducati bags until these have no life left in them, which honestly I don't see for many years. I have done two trips, 900 miles and 3000 miles, with these bags and they have exceeded my expectation in every way. I recommend them to everyone I know who wants a great bag and cant spend $300+. Definitely a buy it product. Joe
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