Adam from Chicago

August 1, 2011
The Pack Pelt is a simple addition to my gear to boost visibility. Every backpack I have is black or at least very dark in color with limited reflectivity. At worst, while wearing one it covers up any visibility aids offered by the jacket or vest I usually wear, so the pelt hopefully helps rectify this. It is seen in the attached image on my Cortech backpack. Amusingly, the thin mesh pelt allows the retro-reflective Cortech logo to be illuminated by the camera's flash through the pelt itself. The SP7 gauntlets are, I believe, my first piece of gear from AGV, and I'm happy with the purchase. While the styling is a little unusual, they are comfortable and protective. They have a soft liner, which was thicker than I had expected from the warm-weather style given the perforated leather and vented fingers. The gauntlets are heavily padded, with a mix of thick padding and rigid pieces in a few areas, and a carbon-fiber knuckle protector rounds out the package. Overall, sturdy, well-made, and worth the asking price. Get yours while they're still around!
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