Matt H. from North Carolina

July 31, 2011
Purchased two HJC CL-16 helmets and two light smoke shields for my wife and I. This is a very comfortable helmet, SNELL approved and "decent" air flow. I did not expect this quality of helmet for the price I paid. Speaking of price, look no further for this helmet. This is the best site/price you will find. Trust me, I searched for a week. Grab the HJC CL-16 while you can, You will love it! Shield release is very easy and I switched shields in about 10 seconds. Clear factory shield comes Pinlock ready with free insert (GREAT) but light smoke shield is not Pinlock ready. However, we have not experienced any fog issues. Shipping was fast, FREE and I could not be happier with! (Pic is my wife modeling her CL-16 and light smoke shield)

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