Bryan C. from Texas

April 25, 2011
(have to say this first: the paint used on this helmet is light MW & water based... safe for helmets. DO NOT paint helmets unless you know what you're doing)! Up until I bought this Helmet (still only 50$!), I had only ever worn HJCs. Wow. The scorpion hugs your face! Really, I can't say enough to describe the difference in feel and noise reduction of this helmet. Since buying this (and 3 other.. for 50$ my gf got one too) exo-400s, I bought an Icon SSR, that is cooler/dryer for summer, but still doesn't quite fit as well. The cheek pads are plush, and the chin skirt keeps face/head nice and toasty. I rocked the black one you see above all winter.
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