Adam from Chicago

February 27, 2011
The two pairs of gloves from this order made me realize the quality of Alpinestars gear. I previously only had a couple items from this manufacturer and was very satisfied with them, but it seems they produce gear of consistently high quality, more than justifying their price premium. This time, I purchased two similar glove types on closeout. Both are short gloves, intended for hot weather, with floating carbon-fiber knuckle armor. They aren't heavily armored or padded otherwise. The Air Carbon gloves have significant mesh and should provide greater ventilation, while the 3/4 gloves have more padding on the fingers but less ventilation via perforated leather. The latter pair also has a tighter fit (both are XL) but it is not as significant as some reviewers have indicated (suggesting a difference of up to 2 sizes) so I'm confident this pair will quickly break-in.
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