Ray H. from Rensselaer, NY

December 8, 2011
After enjoying Oxtar's version of the Jupiter 2 low boots for 5 years, I finally spotted these Infinity boots in one of your always-informative ads/e-mails. (Must reading.) Here's why I am, well, um, excited--yeah, about these boots: 1. They fit perfectly, right out of the box, just like their predecessor Oxtars. 2. That's because they run wider than other Italian boots and I wear a 12E. 3. Beyond that, I have skinny ankles and a very high arch and instep...things that usually aren't paired with a wide foot. So, the vamp and ankle adjustment buckles (instead of zipper) and cut of this boot are outstanding. 4. I have broken a couple of bones in my foot and need solid support and protection (including room for metatarsal orthotics). These boots do ALL of that. 5. Considering all the above, I have been seeking lateral ankle (torsion control), and metatarsal support/protection since first seeing these features offered in BMW racing boots a couple of years ago--at twice this price. Now, thanks to MCG, I've got all that I need and can round out my riding gear as pictured, from top--HTC IS-2 Schade helmet, First Gear Sport Tour Overpants, Held armored summer gloves--to bottom, these TCX Infinity Gore Tex. You guys do it all, first class and fast. Thx.
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