Nicki D. from California

December 20, 2011
What I ordered: AGV Dragon Gloves - Black, Size Small Tour Master Polar Fleece Glove Liner - Size Small/Medium Held Under Glove Silk Liner - Black, Size 7 Thanks for the fast and efficient order processing, just got my 3 sets of gloves and each one fits, well,! The fit is spot on x 3. My hands usually a Women's Med to Large, so I usually order Men's Small or 7 and in this case it worked out perfect. Part of the reason you have my repeat business is the extra effort you make in your detailed product descriptions, all the close-up photos, and the testimonials. That helps me to make a fairly good selection and we are right on target once again, so thanks and keep up the good job! 1. AGV Dragon Gloves - got em for the extra protection on the back of hand and the wrist, fit is perfect, snug but not restrictively tight, none of that chafing feeling anywhere at the seams, the leather is supple not bulky. If your wrist is extra narrow, there may not be enough grip area left on the wrist-strap velcro. 2. Held Under Glove Silk Liner - Nice quality, really is quite thin almost like hose/tights. Slim enough to fit under the AGV's even though I thought at first no way. 3. Tour Master Polar Fleece Glove Liner - a thicker and stretchier liner, they look small but they do stretch a lot and fit fine under my old gloves. A men's MED might want to go to the large tho. Seems to have a shorter/higher-on-the-palm-attached thumb than I do, but there is enough stretch that it does not make any difference once this liner is inside the glove. Can't wait to get out on the road and test drive em!

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