Kristen R. from Pennsylvania

November 6, 2011
Let me preface this review by saying that my current set is great! I received my first set and had a bunch of issues with it. I was using it bike to bike and half the time I couldn't connect with the other rider. There were many other issues. Nate from motorcyclegear saw my negative review and promptly sent me the contact info for Cardo and forwarded my receipt to me. He encouraged me to contact Cardo for a repair or replacement set since my problems were unusual. I shipped the defective set on a Monday and two days later, I received a replacement set. Boy what a difference! The new set connects easily, even with road noise. The sounds is crisp and clear. The only time the signal weakens is if I am a good distance away from the other rider and sometimes when a blind mountainous curve separates me from the other rider. I only use this for helmet to helmet communication, so I can't speak for the other features of this set. If you want to be able to speak to your pillion or fellow rider for a nice price, this is the set for you!
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