Richard B. from North Carolina

November 5, 2011
Bought these Sidi Vortice Vernice Boots a while ago. They are pure Race Boots - and take some time to get off and on. View the photos of the clam-shell type way they are made on this website. Spend time working the tightening devices before you ever put them on your feet. The fit is fantastic! The first time I rode 200 plus miles with them on, by the time I was done, I forgot I was wearing a new pair of boots. If you plan on walking/touring with your bike, these boots will NOT work well for you. Your foot is held almost in a splinted/cast position. You can walk to the bathroom at the gas staion, but not much farther than that without discomfort. They'll provide the best protection money can buy. But, Best of all - Chicks dig em'
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