L.A. from VA

October 31, 2011
Yep, The Air 2 Jacket is pretty solid. Many have nice pictures, but this held up to a fall on dirt! For the record, I am fine, as is the jacket! Some helpful hints about the jacket: -The zipper is compatible with my Olympia pants as well as other Cortech / Trailmaster stuff. -The rainliner is much better than the insulation layer at keeping heat in the wind. It is effectively windproof. The thermal liner can be worn in the jacket without the rain liner, but it will leak heat without it at highway speeds. The thermal liner _is_ great at insulating you when not moving. -All three together gets warm fast! Practice with the jacket to know how everything fits together. The fasteners are all color coded, however the zippers on the front are easy to get confused (esp on removal when wearing) without some practice. They are different sizes, which helps keep them straight. All in all a great purchase.
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