Christopher B. from Massachusetts

October 31, 2011
Just received these. I am a new rider and wanted some protection, these seemed like a great deal. Much less expensive than the same item on ebay, free shipping, and they take returns/exchanges- how much better can it get? The pants are just what I was looking for. I am mostly writing this to help other people with fit- I am 52, wear 32-30 Gap 1969 boot cut jeans, not too tight in the waist. i am 5'8", 170 lbs. I cycle a lot and have some serious thigh and butt musculature, minimal belly. i ordered the 34 waist in the above pants. I am able to get them over my jeans, but they are pretty snug, including the waist. I think i could ride with them OK. I am writing this while wearing the pants alone, and I can't slide them down, i.e. I could wear them this way also. I measured myself where the top of the pant waist hits me (an inch below my belly button) and measured 35 inches (got to cut out the ice cream!). To me they fit and feel like a good pair of snowboard pants, snug at the waist, generous elsewhere, too heavy duty to do any significant walking in. In summary, very happy with the pants, the fit recommendations by MG were good for me. I would advise going up a size from your jean size no whether you want them as overpants or as a first layer unless you want them really tight .
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