Anthony A from California

October 28, 2011
These pants are very nice! They include hip and knee armor. What I like about the armor is that they are placed in fitted cloth bags that have velcro on them, the insides of the pants, in turn, have the other side of the velcro, which allows you to place the armor wherever you need it. This is a GREAT feature for a guy like me as my other pants have horrible armor placement and I literally had to shift the armor into place whenever I'd mount my bike. Ungood. The pants come unhemmed and are really long. This allows tailoring. You can cut them to length and go, or cut them and have them hemmed. The bottom 9" have velcro closure. Above the velcro there is a zipper that goes up the leg about halfway or so to allow easy on/off (if used as an overpant) speaking of zippers the YKK zippers have this weird shiny seal tape that I have never seen before. Apparently the zippers are waterproof. I'd rather have this than gore-tex lock-out, I've heard that lock-out can pop open. The fly is also a waterproof zipper and has two fasteners at the top, a button (which tends to pop open unfortunatly) and one of those dress pants style hooks. The leather is silicone impregnated so it retains far less water than regular water. It also drys fast so these are good all-weather pants. Fit is awesome! I went ahead and bought my size, 38. If I wanted to use them as overpants I would have gone with a 40. These are not baggy at all (which I feared) but are not tight either. For me they are about perfect. Looking at pictures I had expected extensive use of 'stretch panels', that in itself is fine but I don't care for the clash of leather and fabric gear. I'm happy to report that the fabric sections are minimal and don't look bad at all. There appear to be two different models of the same name. One older that has buttons on the bottom, no armor, and is unlined, and the 2011 model which is lined and has the above mentioned features. I was worried initialy that these were the old model but no, happily they are the improved version. These are a fantastic deal! If you need some great protection you could do much, much worse, believe me... in the past I have! :)
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