devin b. from Oregon

October 21, 2011
Cardo Systems Scala Rider Q2 MultiSet Bluetooth Intercom has completely changed riding with a passenger for me. Going for long muti-day rides with a loved one has become an interactive experience instead of an isolating one. And the motorcycle ride to school in the morning to drop my daughter off has become much safer feeling. I know she can now communicate a problem to me without having to let go of her handles. My only complaint is that the intercom sometimes shuts off at random times and the voice activated function to turn them back on works sporadically. I may need to read the manual again to see if there is a setting I need to change. There are four button. Volume up, Volume Down, Mode and Set. Since there is no display (and you couldn't see it while you were riding even if there was), you must memorize the button push combinations that result in the desired effect. Sometimes easier said than done. But when these are working as expected, it's a dream come true. The bluetooth connection to mobile phone is awesome. Parties I'm talking to (carefully) report only a little wind noise at 70 mph! They have definitely done their work on the noise cancelling technology. I also endorse the GoPro HD Camera. I used it to take the picture of the helmets. But the photo does not do the camera justice. It was taken in low light. There are plenty of rave reviews of the GoPro on-line.
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