Michael from VA

January 9, 2011
I guess this is sort of a follow up review. I first ordered a medium which were just a bit too tight over 32" Levis and a belt. But New Enough, great as always, exchanged them for a large. If riding with these pants and a pair of shorts in the summer the mediums would have been fine. The vent works pretty well in the summer. Now that its cold I can feel a little draft around the zipper to the vent after about 45 min of riding, but not enough to worry about using the liner. The pants come all the way to the top of my boots when on the bike which is nice now that its getting cold out and the velcro closer at the cuff which I thought might be a little weak is holding up very well. The pockets are big enough for keys or a wallet but they aren't huge. The reflective piping is brighter than I might have guessed. All in all a good deal and a great customer service experience.

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