Mike from Virginia

January 9, 2011
I love these Held gloves! I have longish fingers and usually wear a size large glove. I always have to cinch down the wrist straps very tight which leaves a pucker around the knuckles and my finger tips often "bottom out." These gloves, a large/long fit me great. There is no tightness at the finger tips and the back doesn't feel like it wants to twist around. The leather is sturdy but supple feeling. The Nelson Rigg Silver Streak bags fit very nicely on my bike (a Kawasaki EX-500). The fit was ready right out of the box to go over the top of the seat, and while it took a couple tries, I got them mounted below it too. They easily clear the pipes and of course mate well with an NR tail bag. There is enough room for a single mans groceries (at least sans paper products).
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