Mike J. from Virginia

September 3, 2010
I got the Sidi Fusion boots because I wanted more protection than a touring boot without the racer graphics or cost. I'm pretty paranoid about my ankles, so the sewn in molded cups on the inside and outside of each ankle are appreciated. The shifter pad strikes a great balance between feel and cushioning your foot - having one on the right boot seems silly, but symmetrical. The foot sizing is spot on, my euro size 44 boots fitting my size 10 foot like they were meant to be. The upper of the boot is loose when wearing pants over the boot, but seems like it would be perfect with leathers. You could theoretically wear these all day, but they are stiff and limit your ankle flex, making walking tricky - like wearing ski boots. The moisture wicking liner keeps my feet comfortable in high 90 degree temps, without waterproof-eliminating venting. From the time I first opened the box, I was struck by the very high construction quality. I highly recommend them.
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