Jason A. from Indiana

September 29, 2010
It's louder than I expected (especially with the P1). Definitely louder than the first gen with Yosh pipe that I've ridden with. It also seems that it quiets down a bit higher in the rev range. When friends hear it after I tell them that I fear it's too loud, they say it's not loud at all and that they were expecting it to be straight-pipe-Harley loud (which it isn't). Maybe I'm just paranoid. The sound is nice and deep. No droning on the highway. I particularly like the sound on decel. I really like the carbon fiber weave. It doesn't hang out as far as the stock muffler and it's now easier to fit my bike in my one car garage next to my wife's car. It was very easy to install and came with all necessary hardware and tools (high temp sealant T20 torx driver). It is very solidly mounted (as compared to some comments I've seen regarding other makes). Lighter. Shipping from New Enough was lightning fast (as always) and everything came in perfect shape.
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