Colin M. from Alberta, Canada

July 7, 2010
I just used my new Tour Master Flex Series 2 Jacket on my road trip to California. It was comfortable and fit well, with no binding. The jacket isn't too bulky and adjusts in all the right places and allows for good movement. It is also easy to add or remove layers as needed. The shell kept me dry in the rain and with the quilted liner I was comfortable when the days were cool. The armor is in the mesh, so the shell and liner fold up reasonably small. I like the flexibility of all weather protection in one jacket and it's great not having to pack a second bulky armored jacket. As a previous reviewer pointed out, the only detractor is the jacket does tend to inflate, or balloon, as there is no back vent. I wore a balaclava around my neck and I didn't open the shoulder vents very wide, this seemed to help. All in all, this is the best jacket I've owned so far.
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