Shaneeka B. from Maryland

July 28, 2010
These pants are fantastic. I never ride without gear and these pants continue to impress. Fortunately I have not been down in them and hope never to. I use them as overpants as I ride to work and they work great over my dress pants. East to get on/off although I do catch the zipper from time to time when in a hurry. THESE ARE NOT TIGHT FITTING PANTS. The weatherproof lining works great, tested in heavy rain! What I like the most is they are not overly hot. I've had them on during days of 95 degrees or more and have been purfectly fine. Great bug protection too. Lastly, they are relatively comfy when not on the bike; not overly loud and knee protection falls out of the way pretty well. Overall extremely satisfied and would/will purchase again!

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