Michael M. from Ontario, Canada

July 24, 2010
Icon jacket is fantastic, looks great. The fit is true to size, and the longer cut back is well appreciated by everyone who has to stare at my back. Perforation works well, been riding in very humid 35 degree C weather here in Toronto, and been surviving. Joe Rocket Nova jacket I cannot comment on, it was a gift. They seem to have liked it, and it fit well, which is about all I can say. Tank bags are GREAT for a phone and a wallet (BlackBerry and wallet fit perfectly). Can still see the screen and tap the button to bring it up and see the time, when need be. Going to test with an iPod soon for music. Gloves are very good, fit well, and the leather is perforated on the fingers, which I didn't realize until I got them. What a plus! Cold weather might be a problem, but we'll deal with that when it comes. Everyone was a pleasure to deal with at NewEnough as well.
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