Scott M. from Alberta, Canada

July 19, 2010
The gloves are great over all... and especially for the price, they fit quite well for me and they look really cool. These vent pretty well too, perhaps not as much on the back of the hand and wrist, but all other areas are good and they are comfortable in the heat. I tested the stitching and it seems to be holding very well and not pulling apart at the seams like a lot of cheaper gloves do I did notice that there is absolutely no lining in the finger section, the lining is in the wrist and top of hand area, palm and fingers have no lining... there needs to be some sort of thin felt lining or something so as to make the seams more comfortable on the sides and more so the end of the fingers.. I will probably get some sort of thin glove liner and these will be much better... but even without, they will break in over time If the knuckle padding was semi loose on the back of the hand (eg stitched on 3 sides over top the main glove with one side free like a pocket as on some gloves)it would be a lot more comfortable when making a fist... but a loose grip on the handlebars is perfectly acceptable and doesn't make me fight it. Even with a few little areas to improve, the glove is very good even before fully broken in and well worth the current sale price... I would get them again... Now I'll have to get some winter Scarabs to match during the colder months.
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