Dave from Florida

July 18, 2010
I was a Virgin. I had never had to go thru the return process at NewEnough. I had heard rumors that it was an easy process. I have never been treated so well, and the process went so smoothly. I had an HJC helmet that had a broken latch right out of the box. The gentleman that I spoke with after a minute or so told me he had already entered the order to ship a new one and that an email would be coming with the instructions on how to send the item back. He even said I could call Fedex and have them come and pick it up if I didnt feel like making the trip to drop it off. The next day I dropped it off at Fedex and it only took minutes. When I got home I had already received the notice that my new helmet was on it's way and I had the delivery date. And all this was so pleasant and I was treated like a normal person rather than in some other cases, there is no trust involved and there are double charges and credits flying all over the place. With NewEnough there was none of that drama. You shipped without question, and I returned as instructed and our boxes crossed enroute and all was right with the world. Now this is how to run a successfull business. Thankyou for existing ;-)
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