Nils M. from Massachusetts

July 14, 2010
This jacket was nearly an impulse purchase, and I'm not putting too fine a point on it if I say it saved my trip. I was headed to West Virginia during an early season host spell and had a new Firstgear Kathmandu jacket as well. The Kathmandu is a little too warm, and so at the last minute I ordered the mesh. Life saver. I put it on on the first day and never took it off for the rest of the week. It's sturdy, obviously flows a of of air, although it's not quite as open a mesh as a buddy's Joe Rocket, to me it looks sturdier as a result. As soon as you're moving 'whoosh' the air starts to flow through the mesh and it is miraculous. Can't believe I waited this long to buy a mesh jacket. Keep hydrated though! This works in part by drying your sweat, you'll need to keep pouring water down your neck. This is an evolved version of their mesh jacket, and includes a liner that really expands it utility. A buddy has an old one sans the liner and says the liner is a big plus. Fit is really good, it doesn't bind up, and even accommodates my elegant pear shape comfortably. NewEnough's sizing info was spot on. I love this jacket, I'd buy it again. I only wish I could have got in in High Vis.
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