Nils M. from Massachusetts

July 14, 2010
Great jacket, mostly. New Enough's sizing advice was spot-on. I usually wear XL, ended up with a Large Tall. New Enough was also spot on that this is not a good choice for hot weather, but in anything else this is my new favorite piece of gear. It's a contoured fit, yet not tight, fits really well at the wrist, arms, shoulders. The pockets, vents, reflective welts, etc are all well done and the jacket is nicely finished. The hydration pack was a big feature for me, and it's a great idea, however this execution is flawed. It simply clips to the jacket, and so when the bladder is full or close to it, it pulls on the fabric (duh) and pulls the collar against your throat. Half full or less is much better, and still better than no hydration at all. I fully expect them to perfect this with more shoulder support for the bladder. It's still a good feature and a great jacket, just not perfect yet. I'd buy it again, bottom line. P.S. The photo is me in my new Firstgear mesh!
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