David C. from California

June 30, 2010
You might notice me using the jacket for something other than its intended use. It's my primary snowboarding jacket. I've got a ton of gear from NewEnough already, but couldn't resist the price. Anyway was thinking...snowboarding+jumps+falls+collisions = a lot of pain. Winter motorcycle jacket = solution It works quite well. I've landed big jumps funny a few times and walked away thanks to the shoulder and back padding. Elbow padding isn't too bad either. The stuff's CE rated so it does its job. The jacket is well constructed. Some loose threads creep up but nothing that can be taken care by snipping or searing the threads. The jacket is pretty waterproof and the vents are so-so. I would say the front pockets are on the small size. They'll fit a normal size wallet but not much else. The back pocket has a ton of space. It's got an internal mp3 player pocket and feed to through the neck. The liner is nothing to write home about. It will work in autumn weather to mild winter weather. The jacket saved me from a very gnarly collision where a snowboarder hit me from the back at 20-25 mph while I was at a complete stop. Sent me flying and tumbling a good 20 ft down the hill. My uncle was glad he wasn't me, but the back protector kept me from a trip to the hospital. I was able to snowboard the rest of the day pulling more tricks. Can't really say the same for the guy who hit me. It's a decent winter level jacket. The thing would roast someone alive during the summer though.
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