Ted from California

June 22, 2010
These boots are well constructed and comfortable and really do provide breath-ability and ventilation as advertised. Granted, you're not going to feel wind blowing over every inch of you foot, shin and ankle but the perforation and side vents do make a difference during hotter months here in So. California. In fact, you'll notice more how cold your feet get riding with these boots during cooler weather (which I DON'T recommend) than how cool your feet stay wearing them in warmer conditions. It's all relative and I doubt you'd be able to fully appreciate the ventilation unless you wear non-vented boots in hot weather and experience roasted feet like I did before I bought these SIDIs. Fit-wise, they're a typical size 43 and are friendly for my semi-wide feet. Comfort-wise, they leather is soft, yet feels sturdy, and allows for a lot of movement where you want it. The sole is plenty stiff and offers good feel for the pegs. I added insoles for extra support and they are perfect for my feet. Overall, I'm very happy with these boots and would buy a pair of SIDIs again when the time comes. Thanks, New Enough! -Ted
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