Roger R. from Texas

June 20, 2010
I ordered my Tour Master Intake Air jacket on Wednesday. It arrived Friday (can't beat that!). Wore it on a little 100+ mile trip Saturday. I live in West Texas where the sun is brutal, and ride a V-star with a traditional windshield; that-is-to-say without much protection. Some people claim that a mesh jacket is cooler than no jacket in the summer. I'm not so sure, but that may well be true up to 90 degrees or so. This jacket seems to be quality throughout. It has enough snaps, tabs, zippers, and hook-and-loop to keep a tinkerer happy for hours. I particularly like the many pockets, even though they block some of the wind coming through the mesh. The size and fit did not disappoint. I anticipate that the jacket will really be in its environment when riding in the mountains of northern New Mexico. In short, this jacket is a "keeper". But it would be nice if Tour Master gave some indication of this jacket's SPF or UPF.
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