Stas Shvetsov from Israel

June 18, 2010
The scorpion jacket is comfortable, giving space for movement, but the sleeves feel a little too loose. Not too much of adjustment options, but still fits well enough. Two outer pockets and an inside pockets offer enough space. The liner removes easily. All in all it is a good jacket, especially for starter class riders. The Joe Rocket helmet fit tightly according to measurements, and didn't take too much time to adjust to my head. The wind ports supply enough air to make a comfortable ride. Isn't aerodynamically perfect, and at higher speeds becomes a little hard to hold your head straight. Like the Scorpion Cool Rod jacket, it is a great helmet for starter class riders, offers good protection, and all in all worth the money invested in it. * The replacement shield fits perfectly. The Joe Rocket gloves are comfortable, offer good protection without being a nuisance while riding. Air flows through them easily, and the hands don't sweat in them. Only issue that I've noticed is that some parts of the seams are pretty weak and loosen up, to a point where they easily tear, even though the seams holding the protection pads hold perfectly.

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