Jeremy from Virginia

June 17, 2010
The Icon Urban Tank bag is a great tank bag and a great backpack. The fact that it has a helmet holder is unbelievable. I primarily picked it up because I spent long days in classes at college and had to walk around a lot on campus. Being able to keep the helmet attached to the backpack and still have tons of room in the main compartment (often occupied by my riding jacket in warm weather) is very nice. Even with a helmet and jacket in it, the backpack distributes the weight well even on the fairly thin shoulder straps. The straps are very comfortable even though they aren't bulky. Converting between tank bag and backpack takes a few minutes so I often just ride with it as a backpack and then pack all my stuff up when I get to the destination. The tank bag feature is still useful (particularly on hot days when you don't want the straps and pack holding your jacket against you) and the map pocket can come in handy if you need directions somewhere. I thought the price was steep before I bought it, but now I feel like I could have paid three times the price and it would have been a great deal.
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