Cynthia R. from Washington

March 8, 2010
NewEnough, you guys saved me from having to settle with less than desirable tank bag mounting options! I recently bought a new bike (Monster 696) and realized my magnetic tank bag wouldn't stick to the non-metal tank. Duh. The problem was, the way my bike is designed, a normal strap-mount system wouldn't work either (there's no place on my bike to secure the straps). The customer service rep (I believe his name was Nate) told me about the new Nelson Rigg "triple threat" mounting system that would allow me to use suction cups instead of straps or magnets. The clips, where the suction cup piece attaches, swivels, and the straps are adjustable which allowed me to customize the fit for my tank. I received my tank bag yesterday and rode with it today. It's perfect! It's convenient, excellent quality, and is just what I needed.
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