Herbert R. from Alabama

March 12, 2010
Before buying, I was worried how high they would go on my ankle; I lacked a comparison. So here are my prior boots for walking/wearing at work when I rode in, Alpinestar Octane Riding Shoes, next to the Tarmac boots. You can see that these really are not as high as the reviews lead one to believe. The one negative is that with this slightly higher cover on the ankle, the elastic "laces" are VERY difficult to pull on the boot, and it would help if there was some sort of leather grip at the rear to help pull them on. (Maybe this will be easier with greater use in the upcoming Summer.) But once you get them on, they do take in wind and are much cooler to wear, and once broken in, comfortable to wear around the office for the day. And they give better ankle protection than the Alpinestars, though more "normal" looking (which for me is not necessarily a positive). I really do like the boots.
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