acalliste from Florida

December 5, 2010
Last May when I did a weekend trip to Cedar Key, I ended up carrying a lot of stuff in a backpack, because my tank bag and tail bag didn't quite hold everything I wanted to bring. Well that was kind of pain and took a little of the enjoyment out of the trip. So since then I have been looking for some smallish saddlebags to make weekend trips easier. New Enough had the Nelson Rigg mini saddlebags on sale, so I picked them up. In typical New Enough style, they arrived almost before I could close the browser from ordering them. Upon trying them on for size however, I realized that while they could be strapped to the tag bracket in the back, I had nothing to secure them to in the front. I removed my passenger pegs long ago. I dragged the passenger pegs back out and my husband spray painted them black so they wouldn't stand out like a sore thumb against the rest of the bike. Two coats of paint and one of clear later, we remounted them, and the bags could now be strapped down. I was able to get quite a bit of stuff in the bags. To test them, I rode to my friend's house (across the county) and back, and they stuck like glue. I am fairly pleased with this set up, so far. And they look great! The sleek design compliments the bike. The real test will be when I am able to go on a real road trip. Hopefully soon! My full review and more pictures can be found here:
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