Kayla M. from Washington

November 2, 2010
Another simple and excellent find at NewEnough. I live in Seattle and needed a cover to tote around when it rains. I like this cover because it is small and packable; fits into my backpack without much fuss at all. Clearly it's not a full cover, but it keeps the rain off of the seat and the controls; it's not 'waterproof', it's simply 'water resistant'. I have returned to my bike after a day of rain and the water has seeped through in the areas where the cover is pulled tight over the bike. Certainly better than nothing though. It's great for the summer heat too--keeps the seat from getting super hot. I opted for a large size; I have an '07 Kawasaki Ninja 650 and I like that it's not tight around the elastic--makes me feel like my paint isn't at risk of getting scratched. Be careful when removing it--because it's not lined with anything, it can cause surface-hazing. Simple and appropriately priced for an easy, packable cover!
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