Sam H. from Alberta, Canada

November 17, 2010
Just got all my new gear and loving it. The Cortech gloves don't "feel" as nice as my last pair of Joe Rocket, but they were $40, fit well and look like they will do the job. Love the Shoei Qwest helmet, it feels great and fits perfect. One note about sizing, it does seems to fit small. My noggin was right in between small and medium on the sizing chart at 22 1/4", so I got the medium thinking I would just get bigger cheek pads if I had to as the small and medium use the same shell size. If anything, I may get a set of smaller cheek pads. Last helmet was a small HJC and for me, the Shoei fits smaller. Can't imagine trying to sqeeze my head in if I was on the high side of medium on size chart. The Icon jacket is perfect, the fit, feel and how it looks, everything is perfect. The Joe Rocket jacket fits well, but seems to ride up a bit in the front where the top of the jacket comes up to my throat, but should be fine on the bike in the riding position. Medium for both with a chest size of 40" and belly at 33".
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